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Corporate Seal

If you are looking to get a hold of your very own completely customized embossing seal, embossingseals.net is right place to start!  Custom border, custom text, custom logo, the possibilities are almost endless, and there is no better way to make your documents more official.

Design Suggestions

A border is not necessary but recommended because it helps unify the contents of the seal.

If there is text give it plenty of room and keep it simple.  Complex text can lose it's detail at such a small size.

A second border around the logo is entirely optional but in some cases can help separate the text from the logo.

Keep in mind the dimensions in relation to the detail of your logo.  If your logo contains a lot of detail some of it may be lost when the logo is reduced to fit the dimensions of the seal.

If you have any questions about the above you can use our Contact Us Page for more detailed information.

Submitting Your Artwork to Embossingseals.net

For information on submitting your artwork please see our main embossing seals page.

Ordering a Logo Embossing Seal

To order or for more information you can use our Contact Us Page.

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